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  • ON comments on Health Benefits of Broccoli by Dietician Vinita Aran (Hindi)

    In Sample category On 25 September 2015

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    In Sample category On 02 July 2015

    Order an item from the menu instead heading for the \"all-you-can-eat\" buffet. If main portions at a restaurant are larger than you want, Share a main dish with a friend. If the serving size is big, take leftovers home in a \"doggy bag.\" Resign from the \"clean your plate club\" - when you\'ve eaten enough, leave the rest. Choose fruits for dessert most often. Gelato ice-creams especially Fruit Sorbets .are much lower in cream (fat )and sugar than regular ice creams .Frozen yoghurts with fruits is also a healthier option for desserts

  • Sify health Video: Diet Tips to remain Light & Cool in Summer

    In Sample category On 16 May 2015

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    In Sample category On 01 September 2014

    <img alt="\&quot;\&quot;" data-cke-saved-src="\" src="\&quot;/uploads/gallery/285ab9448d2751ee57ece7f762c39095/images/1.jpg\&quot;" style="\&quot;width:" 300px;="" height:="" 209px;\"=""> INDIAN SPICES AND HERBS FOR GOOD HEALTH Spices and herbs have traditionally been used in India for thousands of years. They not only impart unique flavour to different foods but also aid in digestion and some of them have medicinal properties which help us stay healthy. Hence when people adopt westernised diets, they lose out on the goodness of these herbs and spices traditionally used in Indian cooking and end up with many health problems like gas, acidity , diabetes, ,High BP which are common among  today’s generation. Top Indian spices and herbs which help you remain healthy HING( ASAFOETIDA) It is commonly used in Indian  kitchens in preparations of dals, legumes , curries . It relieves gas, menstrual cramps, dysmenorrhea and is an excellent digestive aid METHI (FENUGREEK SEEDS) It increases milk production for lactating mothers, reduces cholesterol triglycerides, helps in control Diabetes. Soaked methi seeds chewed on empty stomach is good for the above as well as to control appetite and aid in weight loss TURMERIC (CURCUMIN) Curcumin present in Turmeric is anti inflammatory and a potent antioxidant which can even inhibit tumours according to recent studies . It is traditionally used in curries in India. Turmeric milk is a common cure suggested for cough and cold in winters in North India . It also relieves arthirits pain. Turmeric paste speeds up wound healing CINNAMMON It helps in stabilising blood sugar, lowering high BP. About a teaspoon a day is useful. It can be added to tea, desserts or in normal gravies too BLACk PEPPER It’s extremely useful in relieving congestion,. It aids in digestion and has anti-bacterial properties too. It can be added to soups, salads, raitas and even curries and vegetables GINGER  This herb is very beneficial in relieving colds and sore throat. It is effective against nausea caused by morning sickness or surgery, chemotherapy. It is anti inflammatory and soothes the stomach . It is commonly used in Indian cooking and can also be added to tea FENNEL SEEDS (saunf) the common mouth freshener you SHOULD reach out for after your you know why ...because it aids in digestion, prevents flatulence(gas)...contains fibre hence anti constipation...anti-cancer ,anti-aging and prevents degenerative neurological changes in the body....It was traditionally used in Indian households when we were kids as a mouth freshener after roasting is also used in cooking many traditional recipes... GARLIC the wonder herb can do wonders for your health too...anti-fungal , anti-bacterial..anti-viral....its a blood thinner, reduces high BP , atherosclerosis...boosts immune system, regulates blood sugar, prevents cancer.. Good source of selenium , B6 ,Vitamin C....ideally after chopping / mincing garlic,it should be allowed to sit for 1-2 minutes before using to enhance its health benefits... AJWAIN or Carrom seeds are extremely good to relive flatulence, gas , indigestion…it relives cough and ashma….After pregnancy ajwain is known to heal the woman’s body internally, reduce inflammation and helps maintain good circulation it is also believed to improve the production of milk in lactating mothers TULSI leaves are excellent against cough, cold ,asthma…powerful anti oxidant…blood purifier,anti-cancerc….it helps the body adapt better against stress…germicidal ,fungicidal…it helps to control sugar and high cholesterol levels …it helps in buiding stamina too…try and have 4-5 tulsi leaves in your tea or plain washed daily                                                                   

  • White fixation of Indians

    In Sample category On 14 February 2014

    <img alt="\&quot;\&quot;" data-cke-saved-src="\" src="\&quot;/uploads/gallery/285ab9448d2751ee57ece7f762c39095/images/1(2).jpg\&quot;" style="\&quot;width:" 300px;="" height:="" 168px;\"=""> Indians have a white fixation.They prefer everything from white skin to white flour. The numerous ads for fairness creams are a testimonial for that . Did you know that whole wheat flour made from whole wheat grain is actually more nutritious  as it contains the bran and the outer layerso which has B vitamins ,fibre and some minerals which are lost when the flour is milled removing the outer layers and bleached . Result is a refined white flour stripped  of all its nutrients which promotes fat storage and obesity, causes spikes in sugar, constipation.Various bakery items made from refined flour are detrimental for health .Opt for whole grain wheat products or multi grain breads . Did you know the advantage of rock salt vs the white table salt. White salt which is commonly used is basically Sodium chloride stripped of all minerals . Rock salt is usually blackish or pinkish depending on the source and contains many minerals good for health. Ideally the amount of sodium in a salt should be balanced by potassium and magnesium . But in white table salt strpped of all other minerals , this does not happen and hence excess table salt gives rise to hypertension and heart problems., White salt used in bread and other bakery products, processed foods is a major source of Sodium in our diet which is dettrimental for health. Jaggery is the unrefined form of sugar. Jaggery contains many phytonutrients and  minerals like calcium ,Iron,potassium ,phosphorus  which are totally lacking in white sugar.Chemicals and bleaches are used to make table sugar from jaggery stripping it of all the nutrients in the bargain.Jaggery or Gur has traditionally been used in India for sweetening .With the excess use of white sugar prevalant now, incidence of  Diabetes, obesity have also increased manifold Its high time  we realise the value of using the SMS -Sugar ,Maida, Salt in our lives prudently and give preference to the traditional BROWN  against WHITE forms of flour,sugar and salt  to lead a healthier life  which does not promote degenerating diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension,Heart disease.among others.   .

  • Miracles of water

    In Blog On 18 April 2013

    you may be thirsty and most often if you drink 1-2 glass water at that time , you will fee satisfied , and hunger feeling will disappear . This way having more water helps you control calories.It also increases your metabolic rate.Sometim Being slightly dehydrated can trigger headache also. Water helps in arthritis pain too. Water helps in mind concentration too . CONSTIPATION will disappear when your body is well hydrated . having 1-2 glass of water on waking up is best to relieve constipation. It helps maintain Ph of the body and relieves muscle fatigue . It helps proper transport and utilisation of the nutrients Kidney stones,Acidity,Gou are prevented when the kidneys are well hydrated ands toxins are flushed out. Having enough water is your passport to supple and younger looking skin. Consumption of water can be increaed by having more raw fruits and vegetables. Having Fluids like Green tea, Thin buttermilk,soups,Coconut water ,juice also increase the water content in the body . Water is lost in urination, respiration and sweating.So drink 2-3 litres of water daily especially in summer and reap the benefits of good health for free

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